The Rider Support Program

Grounded Nebraska believes cycling is for everyone, but understands the barriers of resources, access, and opportunity to get involved with cycling, whether to race, ride, or party pace. Working alongside our partners, we have pooled resources to create a program to help some participate in Grounded Nebraska 2023.

Four individuals were accepted into the program crafted to facilitate a fulfilling, supportive, and fun weekend at Grounded NE and will receive:


  • A free entry into their choice 125 mile or 60 mile distances at Grounded Nebraska 2023
  • A training plan provided by Source Endurance to help you have your best day on the bike
  • Premium membership to Rider With GPS
  • A custom cycling kit supplied by Champion System USA
  • Free on-site camping or other accommodations
  • A travel stipend
  • On-the-ground support, including a pre-race bike tune-up, travel throughout the race weekend, and more powered by SRAM
  • A virtual educational series
Check out our 2023 Grounded Nebraska Rider Suppot Program recipients below:

2023 Rider Support Program Recipients

Minnie Wong
Tahoe City, California
60 Mile Route

     Minnie is a San Francisco native and more recently moved to Tahoe City in 2019 to be with her partner. She started road cycling in the city to commute to work, but it wasn’t until she moved to the mountains that she discovered the joy, freedom, and views that came with riding on dirt and gravel through the forest and trees. As a Chinese American in a new town, she noticed right away that she was the minority in the local cycling community and has since taken steps to try to change that by leading group rides for the local bike shop, coaching the middle school mountain bike team, and encouraging more BIPOC to get out and ride. She’s excited to change the status quo and wants to show that people with her background can thrive in the outdoors and push the boundaries of their perceived limitations, not just by being fast, but by showing up and having fun, against all odds. Minnie is a multi-sport athlete, having played tennis since age 5 and loves to ski in the winter, but is always stoked to be on her bike.   

She dabbled in cross country, enduro, and crit racing last summer and is very excited to get into gravel events this upcoming season. She’s very excited and feels privileged beyond belief to have this chance to train for and ride at Grounded Nebraska.

Jevon Woods

Lincoln, Nebraska
125 Mile Route

Jevon is a 45 year old Lincoln native and father.. Local artist and traditional single speed cyclist.. I have always loved biking and being outdoors in nature.. “I love pushing myself mentally and physically. “

Angela Song Grimes
Columbia, South Carolina
125 Mile Route

     Angela lives in Columbia, SC and serves on the board of the Cola Town Bike Collective, a local nonprofit, and is a member of the Cola Women’s Cyclists group, and a mom of three girls. Along with her husband, they own a small Bicycle shop in Cayce, SC where we are surrounded by the most amazing community. She started riding bikes at the beginning of the COVID 19 pandemic and hasn’t stopped since. The best part of cycling for Angela is the freedom to be who she is, a Korean American women, and to push herself outside of her limits. But most of all, she loves being on this journey with all the people that she’s crossed paths with and looks forward to making many more connections with the world around her.

Lindsay Tucker
Vero Beach, Florida
60 Mile Route

Lindsay will be training for their first ever gravel event as a participant in this program. They only started cycling outside about one year ago. After battling some serious medical challenges, they used a stationary bike at home for rehab. They stunned their doctors with their recovery and progress. They credit cycling with saving their life.

Proud Partners of the Rider Support Program