Grounded Nebraska Race Rules

bagDropBe respectful.  To all. When all else fails, just lean into kindness. This means respecting volunteers, riders, staff, and the land. Anyone who attempts to harass or otherwise intimidate other attendees will be asked to leave the event immediately and will not be welcome back. We don’t tolerate discrimination or disrespect of any kind against any person, as our goal is to foster a vibrant and diverse cycling community.

Wear a helmet. We like your noggin, and think you should keep it safe. Helmets are required, as all it takes is one little spill.

Never litter. You will be disqualified for throwing trash anywhere but the bin.

Safety is your responsibility. You are responsible for you, but help others when you can. Abide by the rules of the road. Be prepared for inclement weather, flat tires, mechanical problems, hydration and nutrition needs. Make sure you’re safe.

Practice consent. Ask for consent before touching people, their bikes (or any gear), giving advice or taking photos.

Abide by the rules of the road. All roads will be open to traffic. Stop at all stop signs, ride to the right of the enter line, even if a center line is not marked.

Have lights on your bikes. Rear lights are required by state law and will help keep you visible to all road users.

No outside support. No outside support is allowed. You may accept items from other riders. There will be a drop bag service at check-in. We have fully stocked aid stations, and want to keep non-riders off the course as much as possible for safety.